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Formula Woman - July.

The assessment will be held at Bedford Autodrome on 15/16 November and I am planning to take part on 15th so nearer the date I shall have to look for accommodation, depending on timings and arrangements. The car to be used will be the Vauxhall Corsa-e which is an all wheel drive automatic car using electric automotive power - Vauxhall has 'come on board' as one of the Formula Woman sponsors. Another first for me - driving an electric car, although I have driven an automatic car, much to the discomfort of my fellow Vulcan crew members when I attempted to use the foot brake as a clutch when attempting to leave the Express way in a hurry - I'd very nearly missed the exit!

I now have a dates for my i-Zone experiences so I shall be at Silverstone on 3 September with eight other FW applicants learning how to drive on a circuit - somewhat different from my usual historic road rally techniques, I suspect! The whole day will include instruction on racing driving techniques and practice round the Donnington Park Circuit - all simulated, of course. Well also be advised on health, fitness and mental issues when not sitting in the simulator. The nine of us will be divided into three, three woman teams and the culmination of all that training will be a simulated race betwen the three teams. I'm quite looking forward to it - and meeting 8 other Formal Women. (I'm going to have to change some of my own rally driving techniques as there'll be no double-declutching down the box before thundering into a corner...just a clutchless change whilst braking...and gear changes with a flap on the steering wheel!)

There is now a list of women from the UK and Europe who would like to undertake one of the pre-assessment track days with one of the Project 8 Jaguars. Last week FW ran a trial run at Cadwell Park with two TV presenters, one whom would be a green badge entry and the other a blue. In both cases the Jaguar proved to be too much too soon and the wet conditions didn’t help! I know Cadwell Park - and it usually is wet when I'm marshalling there, so no surprise! (I'd love to have been there as it's only 25 minutes from home.)

As a result two suitable track cars have been procured to allow competitors to build up to the Jaguar performance on the same day. This will allow more track time in three different cars and more one to one instruction, which will be more beneficial than jumping in to one of the 650hp Project 8 ‘s, which is not the easiest car to drive especially when wet! Unfortunately, without sponsorship, this activity is outside my current budget - but what an opportunity to dsrive the Jaguar - around 350 bhp...somewhat greater than the 100 bhp of my classic 1966 Porsche 912.

​I'm still looking for sponsorship to cover the cost of this particular challenge, so if you want to be involved, get in touch! Benefits and details are on my sponsorship pages, so please have a read if you feel you may be able to help.

Things really are beginning to hot up and the Formula Woman portal is getting fuller with lots of connections being made between contestants - or should I call them 'adventurers'? Sounds better, especially as the organisers are now telling us we are on an adventure...

Check out the Formula Woman website at:

​​If you would like to be involved and support my journey you can get in touch at

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not an official Formula Woman site! Formal Newsletters are published weekly to all who have joined up. Those who are still considering applying will not be getting this information so these updates are taken from the weekly newsletter to help you to make your decision.


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